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Apple刚刚放出Apple TV 2G较小内容更新的固件iOS 4.2.1, 修正了部分高清电视480P下显示不正常,以及“媒体载入中”的问题。Apple TV显示软件版本4.1.1【iOS4.2.1(build8C154)】,前一版本固件显示Apple TV iOS4.2(Build8才50),显示为4.1。NitoTV已经确认新固件版本下越狱后的程序依然工作正常!

ydia store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch创建者Jay Freeman (aka Saurik)在360|MacDev大会提到,团队合作即将为Mac用户带来运行在Mac OS X的Cydia。


Apple’s Mac App Store提出并可能存在很多限制,Mac Cydia并不需要通过Apple的程式审查程序,为开发者带来更好的一个发布平台。


Currently, Cydia Installer has been used by about 10% of all iPhone users, or about 10 million devices. There are well over 30,000 packages available for iOS, and a lot of open source material can be downloaded from Cydia. He refers to Cydia as a store for things that are not apps, but extensions of what iOS devices can do.

Freeman felt that the same type of store would be useful for Mac OS X devices; the result is a Mac Cydia, which will be available “within weeks.

因此可以确认,Cydia Mac不日内可能就会释出!